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Custom Chocolate Bars

Want to customize your own chocolate bar? We can turn any idea of yours into a custom chocolate bar – from wedding favors to corporate gifts and every other sweet occasion in between. Check out our FAQS, then fill out the contact form below to start your custom chocolate bar order!


Q: How long will it take to make my chocolate bars?

A: The design process takes about one week, production of the bars takes two weeks, and delivery will take one additional week = that's four weeks total from start to finish!


Q: How does the design process work?

A: We have different options depending on your budget! You can supply us the design, and we'll fit it to our packaging, or we can come up with the design for you. If we do the design, we can do all text or text + illustration. When we say custom, we really mean custom – we'll figure out the best solution for you, your budget, and your chocolate bar dreams.


Q: How good is the chocolate?

A: Best in the world. Promise.


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