About Sweeter Cards (it's really just love)

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Sweeter Cards is the first-ever greeting card and gourmet chocolate bar all in one. We are woman (and mom!) owned, use fair trade certified chocolate, recyclable packaging, and employ adults with disabilities to bring our two-for-one concept to life. Our chocolatier has been making unbelievably delicious and ethically-sourced chocolate for over 40 years, and we are proud to be based and made in St. Louis, Missouri. 

ABOUT OUR CHOCOLATE: Our sea salt caramel dark chocolate is handmade in St. Louis, using Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. Each bar is made with soft vanilla caramel, cane sugar, fresh whipping cream, butter and Madagascar vanilla––and always topped with Mediterranean sea salt. Each batch is also hand stirred in copper kettles and made with love to ensure every single Sweeter Card is full of deliciousness that will win the card-giving game.

WE'RE PROUD OF OUR INGREDIENTS: Our chocolatier uses only the finest, natural ingredients, and our chocolate has no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives and no hydrogenated oils. Here's more about our ingredients. 



Stacy Stahl
STACY STAHL is the founder of Sweeter Cards, a new greeting-card-meets-chocolate bar brand based out of St Louis. As the founder of HowHeAsked.com (acquired by The Knot in 2016), this is Stacy's second business rooted in love and sentiments. Stacy is a huge cheerleader for her friends and family and has always taken the time to celebrate others – she was even on The Ellen Show after doing so for the friendliest cashier at her local Walgreen's and started Say It Forward to encourage people to share kind words with one another.


In her constant search for meaningful ways to be thoughtful, Stacy found it repeatedly difficult to find things that were more than a card, but less than an overly expensive (and oftentimes wasteful) gift. By combining chocolate and cheeky greeting cards, Sweeter Cards accomplishes just that!

Photo by Mikkel Paige




CARLOTA VIERO is a Brazilian graphic designer based in Rio de Janeiro. She has spent her career helping global brands with design and marketing. She has also had the opportunity to live in different cities around the world, including London, Barcelona, and Seattle, which have all expanded her vision for design and the different ways it can be a powerful element in product development. Carlota loves to transform ideas into design concepts, playing with colors and mixing in her tropical style and hints of European trends.


Carlota has designed many of our cards, as well as contributed to a lot of our branding! 




Chocolate greeting cards

BROOK GOSSEN is a freelance illustrator, designer and pattern lover from Brisbane, Australia. Brook creates fun and playful designs that are bold with a little whimsy, fresh with a bit of fun, and simple with a sweet, hand-drawn feel. She simply wants people to feel happy when they view her work, and be a bright spot in their day.


Brook has designed many of our Sweeter Cards, along with designing our packaging layout and logo too.